Here are the community projects South Ridge will be leading during Church has Left the Building. Sign up to join in on May 7th  as the church serves the community. 


Please click on the pictogram above the project you would like to join to launch the sign-up form.

LEADER: Donna Johnson

PLACE: Assisted Living Outreach

PROJECT: Landscaping

LEADER: Joyce Wilkerson

PLACE: East Fairmont High School

PROJECT: Painting

LEADER: Bob Lindsey

PLACE: FSU Litter Clean-up

PROJECT: Cleaning

LEADER: Becky Lupton

PLACE: Marion Co. Advocacy Center

PROJECT: Spring Cleaning

LEADER: Forrest O'Dell

PLACE: Monongah Elementary

PROJECT: Building

LEADER: Patrick Ansline

PLACE: Private Residence #1

PROJECT: Construction

LEADER: Megan Wright

PLACE: S.O.A.P. Outreach

PROJECT: Outreach

LEADER: Cathy Rotunda

PLACE: Union Mission Curtains

PROJECT: Curtain Hanging

LEADER: Sharon Wilson

PLACE: Wishing Well Assisted Living

PROJECT: Outreach

LEADER: Danelle Conaway

PLACE: South Ridge Church

PROJECT: CLB Kids Registration

LEADER: Chris Woodland

PLACE: Fairmont Area Head Starts

PROJECT: Landscaping

LEADER: Danelle Conaway

PLACE: South Ridge Church

PROJECT: CLB Kids Station Leaders

LEADER: Sue Garcia

PLACEBellview Honor Roll

PROJECT: Mowing & Planting

LEADER: Joe DeProspero

PLACE: Fairview Elementary

PROJECT: Painting

LEADER: Stacey Niessner

PLACE: Hickman Run Head Start

PROJECT: Landscaping & Cleaning

LEADER: Rhonetta Bright

PLACE: Marion Co Soccer Complex

PROJECT: Painting & Cleaning

LEADER: Jason Gump

PLACE: Nutter Fort Elementary

PROJECT: Painting & Other

LEADER: Bryan Tustin

PLACE: Private Residence #4

PROJECT: Construction (Roofing)

LEADER: Krista Dawson

PLACE: Try Again Homes

PROJECT: Painting & Cleaning

LEADER: Jared Hinson

PLACE: Watson Elementary

PROJECT: Painting

LEADER: Eric Sylvania

PLACE: Clarksburg Mission

PROJECT: Outreach & Cleaning

LEADER: Tricia Chisler

PLACE: Jayenne Elementary

PROJECT: Landscaping & Painting

LEADER: Danelle Conaway

PLACE: South Ridge Church

PROJECT: CLB Kids Group Leaders

LEADER: Adam Anderson

PLACE: Private Residence #3

PROJECT: Minor Construction

LEADER: Rhonda Starn

PLACE: Disability Action Center

PROJECT: Landscaping

LEADER: Kristie Solheim

PLACE: Fitzwater's Assisted Living

PROJECT: Painting

LEADER: Leigh Van Horn

PLACE: JAG Laundry Outreach

PROJECT: Outreach & Cleaning

LEADER: Bob Bouvy


PROJECT: Bleacher Construction

LEADER: Benjamin Shearer

PLACE: Pleasant Valley Elementary

PROJECT: Painting & Landscaping

LEADER: Chastidy Hefner

PLACE: Rivesville School

PROJECT: Painting & Clean Up

LEADER: Justin Ash

PLACE: Union Mission Cleaning

PROJECT: Cleaning & Painting

LEADER: Theresa Hill

PLACE: White Hall Elementary 

PROJECT: Painting & Cleaning

LEADER: Steve Mohr

PLACE: Heritage Christian School

PROJECT: Landscaping & Painting

LEADER: Marty Carpenter 

PLACE: Picnic in the Park

PROJECT: Serve Food

LEADER: Danelle Conaway

PLACE: South Ridge Church

PROJECT: CLB Nursery Volunteers