Lead Pastor Transition

Seth's Transition from Lead Pastor

On January 24th 2021, Seth Broadhurst announced his desire to transition from the Lead Pastor position.

South Ridge Church would not be here today if it was not for Seth Broadhurst's obedience on God's calling. Over 15 years ago, God provided Seth a vision to begin a church in Fairmont. With a small group of 30 people, South Ridge has grown into what it is today. We are all extremely grateful for Seth and his leadership over the years. In the coming months, we are going to find ways to celebrate Seth (and his family) for following the leading of the Holy Spirit to begin South Ridge Church.

From Seth's obedience to God's calling to plant South Ridge, attendance has grown from the original small group of 30 people to an overage weekly attendance of 749 people. In that course of time, a yearly average of 28 people have followed Jesus's example and commandment to be baptized publicly declaring their commitment to follow Jesus Christ.

We love Seth, Stacy, and their family. We are so grateful to God for their work and presence in the lives of those who call South Ridge their church. 

A Word from Seth

A Word from Justin

Timing and Process

As we continue to progress through the transition process, we will regularly keep this updated with the latest information. Here's a brief roadmap of the process:
  • January - Seth announced his desire to transition from the lead pastor role at South Ridge Church
  • February - The Board and our Slingshot consultant will finalize our submission for the national search
    • 16th - Slingshot national search went public and live
  • March - The Board has begun dialoguing and interviewing candidates
  • Summer 2021 - The Board will continue dialoguing and interviewing potential candidates, as Seth continues to serve as Lead Pastor.
  • September 2021 - It was announced that we have presented a tentative offer to a candidate and the candidate has verbally accepted. Seth will also be stepping out of his staff role. He will continue to be involved as a lay pastor, board member, and speaker until the new lead pastor begins.

Next Steps...

Hiring Process

Step 1
SRC has hired a consulting firm known as the Slingshot Group to help us in our search for a Lead Pastor. The Board has met with a representative from this consulting firm once in person and a couple of times through video chat. In the coming days and weeks, our primary consultant will be meeting with each member of the South Ridge Board and the Staff in order to get a fuller understanding of our ministry and culture. The more information they have, the more thorough they will be in their search for a new Lead Pastor. The Slingshot Group will be providing a national search for a new Lead Pastor. In the coming months, as potential candidates are identified, the Board and the Staff will have opportunities to interview these candidates and their families. Taking on the role of a Lead Pastor requires specific gifts and ministry experience and we all want to be sure to walk through this process as well as possible.

Step 2: 
Seth is remaining on staff while we partner with the Slingshot Group. Lord willing, this will provide us the opportunity to not only hire a new Lead Pastor, but for them to have some time to work alongside Seth and the Staff to make this transition as smooth as possible.

Step 3: 
Our desire is to be as open and transparent with you as we possibly can be throughout this process. Therefore, as we receive more information from our consultant on the next steps we’ll be taking, we will do our very best to provide you with updates as to where we are in the process. But if you have any questions about the process we’re going through, please feel free to reach out to Justin (or another member of the Board) at any time.
South Ridge Church operates under a Board-led church governance model. Our Board of Trustees, as the governing body of the church, has final human authority of our church under the Headship of Jesus Christ.
With input from the Staff and the congregation, the Board ultimately has the deciding vote on the next lead pastor.

The current Board of Trustees is:
  1. Seth Broadhurst
  2. Justin Wright
  3. Ben Young
  4. Ron Webster

The Board will work with our Slingshot consultant over the next several weeks into February to finalize our lead pastor listing for the national search. Slingshot will provide the Board a list of eligible candidates approximately 30 days after our lead pastor listing has been live. The Board will take this list of candidates and will begin dialoguing and interviewing them. As the Board becomes more comfortable and confident with a likely candidate for hire, the candidate will begin dialoguing and interviewing with the Staff to ensure he is a right fit. Once a possible candidate has been appropriately interviewed and vetted by both the Board and the Staff, the candidate will be brought forth to the congregation to demonstrate his calling and teaching abilities and to be confirmed by the congregation. 
Step 1: Pray
  • Pray for the ongoing Ministry of SRC
  • Thank God for the miracle of SRC and our ministry
  • Thank God for any way in which SRC has changed your life
  • Commit SRC’s future to the Lord
  • Ask God for help in figuring out what your part in that future is
  • Pray for our new pastor and his family
  • Thank God for the miracle of our new pastor and his family
  • Commit his and his family's future to the Lord
  • Ask God to make clear and confirm his decision to become the new lead pastor for SRC
  • Pray for Seth and the Broadhurst family
  • Thank God for the miracle of Seth and the Broadhurst family
  • Thank God for any way in which he/they has changed your life
  • Commit his/their future to the Lord
  • Ask God for help in figuring out what your part in that future is
  • Pray for our Staff and Board as we work through this transition together
  • Thank God for the miracle of SRC and our ministry
  • Thank God for any way in which SRC has changed your life
  • Commit SRC’s future to the Lord
  • Ask God to provide wisdom and discernment to SRC’s Staff and Board as we work through this transition together
Step 2: Remain United with SRC and our Vision
South Ridge Church exists to provide people with the opportunity to experience Real Life, Real Relationships, and Real Purpose through a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. This vision isn’t changing. We have existed, do exist, and will continue to exist with this vision. As we navigate through this transition, Seth, the Board, and the Staff are all very hopeful that everybody will continue to remain united with SRC and our vision.

Step 3: Reflect
People, in general, aren’t raised in such a way so that we reflect on what we’re feeling and why. But if you read through the Psalms, you’ll see that the authors reflected a lot on what they were feeling and why. And really, personal self-reflection has a good chance to lead you into more communication with God through prayer. If you have moments of feeling confused, let God know about. If you have moments of feeling sad, let God know about it. Even if you have thoughts of frustration, let God know about it. He already knows what you’re thinking and feeling anyway, but He’s always there to listen.
Pastor Justin has put together a self-reflection guide you may find useful as reflect. You can download it here.

Step 4: Reach Out
We recognize that in the coming days or weeks you may have questions. You may have questions for Seth, and the calling God has placed on his life. If that’s the case, please feel free to reach out to him. Similarly, you may have other questions. You may have questions about the process we’re going through as we work with the Slingshot Group (consulting firm). You may have other questions about the process. Or you may just want to process through your thoughts and questions in a safe environment. Whatever it may be, please feel free to reach out to Justin and/or any other member of the SRC Board. We’re all working together as a team throughout the process.
How did the decision for this leadership transition come about?
Seth has served the Lord and the local church professionally for nearly 20 years in both roles of Executive Pastor and Lead Pastor. These servant leadership roles have enabled him to use his God-given personality, passions, spiritual gifts, and abilities to serve two wonderful local churches from the same ‘family tree’, and to see them grow by the grace of God. However, a few years ago Seth began to sense that the Lord was leading him to use his passions, spiritual gifts, and abilities in a somewhat different way. The roles of Lead Pastor and Executive Pastor require a lot of time and energy focused on overseeing an organization. This is critically important work, and absolutely necessary if a local church is to thrive in our world today. Over the years, Seth has discovered he is a pastor-shepherd at heart and  would like to focus more of his time and energy on discipling people - encouraging them to receive, believe, and grow in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

During this same period of time, the Lord has been ‘opening doors’ for Seth to serve Him through Freedom in Christ Ministries (FICM). Seth has done this as a labor of love, and along the way it has been his joy to see people inside and outside of our church experience their freedom in Jesus Christ through focused teaching, taking them through a guided prayer encounter with Jesus known as the Steps to Freedom in Christ, and training others to do the same. Recently, he began to come alongside other pastors and churches in the northeast region of the United States with the FICM message. Seth found in his service to them, he was getting to focus entirely on gospel work in an ‘apostolic’ sort of way. He was getting to play a small role in equipping the capital ‘C’ Church to transform the nations, and this was very enjoyable for him. So, he began praying about becoming a Field Staff missionary with FICM and accepting the role of National Director of Expansion within the ministry.
Obviously, the role of Lead Pastor at South Ridge is a full-time job deserving of full-time effort and attention. So is the role of National Director of Expansion for Freedom in Christ Ministries. So, he has decided to step away from the role as the Lead Pastor  in order to transition to the full-time role with Freedom in Christ Ministries so that SRC and FICM both get the best of the right person’s time, energy, and attention according to their passions and gifts.

Is there more to the story?
No. Seth approached the Board about the transition decision. At no time did anyone think that Seth wasn’t doing a good job of leading South Ridge. Instead, Seth is confident that God has called him into a different ministry opportunity. So as difficult as this is for each of us – if God really has called him to Freedom in Christ Ministries -- it would be bad for Seth, bad for South Ridge, and bad for the Freedom in Christ Ministry, for him to disobey that calling. Similarly, it will be good for Seth, good for South Ridge, and good for the Freedom in Christ ministry, for Seth to continue to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, and for us to do the same.

Are Seth & his family continue to be a part of South Ridge or are they moving?
Seth will continue to fulfill his role until the baton has been passed responsibly to the person we believe God has called to serve as Lead Pastor of SRC in the days ahead. Seth and his family do not have any intention of leaving the area. In the months to come, Seth will be engaging in lots of conversations with the Board and our consulting firm about how he can best continue to partner with the ministry of South Ridge Church as well as Freedom In Christ Ministries.

Are one of the current pastors of SRC assuming the role of Lead Pastor?
No. The Lead Pastor role requires certain Spiritual Gifts and talents that the other pastors at SRC do not feel they possess. They fill other necessary roles at South Ridge that are a better fit for their gifts and talents and prefer to remain in those roles.