Marriage Ministries

Large Groups

South Ridge Church hosts three Real Marriage Events a year. These events are typically held in January, June, and October, and are specifically designed to help couples take information about marriage and turn it into intimacy and oneness in their relationship. 


SRC Community Groups often discuss the same topic as the Weekend Message. We do our best to offer one Marriage-themed message series a year, providing all Community Groups the opportunity to discuss the subject of marriage in an environment where they can practice accountability, belonging and care. Additional Life Group studies specific for wives, husbands, or couples may be available throughout the year as well. The goal of each group is to help couples apply a selfless, Christ-like love within their marriage.


 The heart of the Real Marriage Ministry is in mentoring. Whether a couple is engaged and planning to be married in the months ahead, or they have been married for many years, mentoring is a way to help all couples focus holistically on their relationship.

If you would like additional information about the Real Marriage ministry, please contact Pastor Justin Wright at 304.363.0190.