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South Ridge Church is a non-denominational Christian community that exists to provide people with the opportunity to experience real life, real relationships, and real purpose through a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. Typically, people experience South Ridge through three environments: Weekend Services, Community Groups, and Strategic Service Teams.

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The Bible is not just a book, but is 66 books written by dozens of different authors and copied from one generation to the next, and the next, and the next, so much so that it’s still the most-printed collection of writings in history.

Despite such a rich history, it isn’t hard to find others who say or think, “The Bible is old. It’s outdated. It doesn’t have anything of real value.” But research continues to show that the number one thing people do to grow, is read the Bible. Yes, eating healthy is helpful. Exercise, too. Even prayer and silence is soothing to the soul. But reading the Bible is the foundation upon which wisdom is built. Not because the Bible is God. But because it was given to us by God, to reveal to us who we are, how we live, and provide us a glimpse as to what’s next.  

Over the next six weeks, South Ridge Church will continue our study through Paul’s letter, 1 Corinthians. These messages will focus on some specific points the Apostle Paul mentioned about how the people of Corinth were to live.