#forWV Outreach Project Info

Why? What's this about?

The #forWV Outreach Project is an organic summer outreach project. There is much that we can do in and for our community!

Community groups, families, or friends can all serve together in ways that are meaningful to them. It may be a building or repair project, a cleaning project, giving out water at a parade or a park, cleaning up trash at a park or along a roadside, helping out at an event that a ministry partner or other organization is holding, or even coming along side another church that has limited resources. And it can be done when it best serves everyone involved.

How you participate:

1.     Form a group (any size needed for your project)
2.     Decide on a project and make appropriate contacts necessary to get the project rolling
3.     Register Your Group and Project on our Website
4.     Pick up t-shirts for project day (one person picks up t-shirts for group)
5.     Complete the project. Take pictures and tell us about it when project was completed - There will be a form on our website for this.  Also, use the hashtag #forWV and the check-in feature by using @southridgechurch.

What we will do:

1. Offer budget assistance of up to $200 per project (there may be special circumstances where more may be offered on a limited basis)  
2. Provide a list of ministry partners or suggested places/projects on our website
3. Give everyone on the team a #forWV T-shirt
4. Provide celebration page on our website with pictures of the projects that have been completed.
If you have any questions, contact Jennifer Wilson at jennifer@southridgechurch.net or you can call her at the church office Tuesday – Thursday, 8 AM – 3 PM.